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about me:

Vladyslav C. Alexander, a native-born Ukrainian, graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington with BFA in film and BA in Russian studies in 2011. Currently, he attends The University of Texas at Austin, where he is working on a MA in Eastern European studies, concentrating on the research of survival of civilian population of Ukraine during the Second World War. He filmed and edited numerous short documentaries and promotional materials for such organizations as Chi Alpha – Christian Fellowship, "Planning Yesterday" – a rock band, and North Central Texas Council of Governments, among others. Several of the short and feature narrative films he filmed, edited, or produced played on the local TV stations across America, at Fort Worth Modern Art Museum, and film festivals such as "SXSW". As a student, Vlad completed an internship program at "Panavision – Dallas", and gained experience in working with such camera packages as RED, Arri, and an array of Panavision equipment. Recently Vlad returned from Ukraine, where he shot his first feature-length documentary that sheds light on the relationship between an evangelistic church, the people, and the state in the post-communist era. The film titled "The Great Commission" is currently in post-production phase and is expected to be released in the fall of 2013.


The Great Commission (2013) - Producer, Director, Director of Photography

Wolf (2011) - 1st Assistant Camera

Captain NVIS (2011) - 1st Assistant Director, Colorist

Trace (2011) - Director, Producer

Traits (2011) - 1st Assistant Director

Burden (2011) - Director of Photography

Welcome Home (2011) - Director

A Godly Man (2010) - Director of Photography

Xiake (2010) - Director of Photography

Garden Forlorn (2010) - Director of Photography

Hero (2010) - Director, Producer

Mein letzter Gedanke (2010) - Director, Producer

Rage (2010) - Director of Photography

Aurora (2010) - Director of Photography, Colorist

Sentinel (2010) - Camera Operator

Rubbish Hook (2010) - Director of Photography, Colorist

Erase (2010) - Director of Photography

Odds (2010) - 1st Assistant Camera, Colorist

Loaded (2010) - Camera Operator

When It Rains (2010) - Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist, Sound Designer

Smile (2009) - Producer, Editor, Sound Designer

The Runner (2009) - Editor, Sound Designer

Gillface (2008) - Boom Operator

Dear Jane (2008) - Boom Operator







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